I have been a board member at who dares cares for just under 3 years. I qualified as a mental health nurse 14 years ago and worked in acute mental health wards for the 1st 7 years. After this I worked at combat stress then mental health and addiction services. I have always been passionate about helping people and said from 4 years old I would be a nurse. Throughout my career I was always very interested in working in trauma mental health and this is what really drew me to who dares cares as I really loved working on helping our veterans and blue light services. I met Callum when he ran Alba military fitness and registered my interest! Although I mainly focus on all the topics of support and mental health I also live sticking on my walking boots and taking part in all the events


Steve Hardie

Steve at PTSD Awareness Session


I am a veteran with 2 tours of NI in the 80's I do not suffer as far as I know from PTSD but I am an alcoholic with nearly 18 years continuous sobriety. I along with 28 other regional armed service officers in Alcoholics Anonymous try to help serving soldiers, veterans and their families also.

At a May 2019 committee meeting in York where all the region reps met the common feedback was that soldiers and veterans suffering from PTSD were unable to receive their much needed treatment due to ongoing issues with alcohol and/or drugs.

I then contacted WDC to offer my assistance which they agreed to, asking me to join the board. If I can help any sufferers or their families to deal with any problems that they may have with alcohol then you are more than welcome to call me on 07764 610462 all calls will be treated with the utmost confidence.

Our motto “Who Dares Cares” means this...

We dare you to care, become active in our charity work, support our activities, take part and raise funds to help our future activities.